Welcome to my new blog, served from my home, fully powered by solar energy!

June 15, 2023 @ 22:46

After a long, long and more unmotivated search for a good blogging system, I was happy to find FlatPress.

FlatPress is a flat-file blogging system, with some quality of life features I am familiar with from Wordpress. I played around a bit with Textpattern, but haven’t got warm with it. Things like Pelican were also interesting, but I am still a fan of logging somewhere in and begin writing.

I was happy, that FlatPress still has an active community developing it, also there were some nice themes. For my blog, I picked the snail theme and adjusted it to my needs and fixed few little bugs. The result is called “snail-orange” and you can find it here: https://git.la10cy.net/DeltaLima/flatpress-theme-snail-orange, checkout the branch deltalima-blog for the version of it, I use on this blog which is even more modified.

A little special thing about this blog is, that it runs from my home network completely powered by my off-grid solar system. I will try to include some stats here about the system (a little android-tv armbox with armbian on it) and the solar system. Also for the case of an outage I plan to setup a fallback server in the datacenter.

That’s for it for the first blog post. I am not sure which language I will prefer in future posts, I guess I will write sometimes in english and sometimes in german, depending on how I feel;)