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Published by DeltaLima on Monday, June 19, 2023 - 21:25:40

La10cy.net internet services

A bunch of services, available in the internet. My own little /29 piece of public v4 addresses (plus some single ones and v6 of course). Most of it is public, some of it just for friends & family.

packet-radio software archive

See https://deltalima.org/pr_soft.html

Gets redesigned in future


  • FlatPress plugin syntaxhighlighter-ng

    Revived FlatPress plugin that enables syntax highlighting for `[code]`-blocks. Now using prism.js
  • FlatPress theme Rainbow

    Theme based on the Snail theme and used on this website:)
  • Bash-Script make-debian-look-like-ubuntu

    A bash script that makes your fresh Debian 12 (bookworm) Gnome installation look and feel like Ubuntu Gnome desktop.
  • Bash-Script nanodesk

    A bash script that makes a Debian Live-CD with JWM as Window Manager. It has its own default “nanodesk-falvoured” JWM configuration. Easy to customize, like add own packages for a live cd.

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