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Published by DeltaLima on Monday, June 19, 2023 - 21:25:40

La10cy.net internet services

A bunch of services, available in the internet. My own little /29 piece of public v4 addresses (plus some single ones and v6 of course). Most of it is public, some of it just for friends & family.

packet-radio software archive

See https://deltalima.org/pr_soft.html

Gets redesigned in future


  • FlatPress plugin syntaxhighlighter-ng

    Revived FlatPress plugin that enables syntax highlighting for `[code]`-blocks. Now using prism.js
  • FlatPress theme Rainbow

    Theme based on the Snail theme and used on this website:)
  • Bash-Script make-debian-look-like-ubuntu

    A bash script that makes your fresh Debian 12 (bookworm) Gnome installation look and feel like Ubuntu Gnome desktop.
  • Bash-Script nanodesk

    A bash script that makes a Debian Live-CD with JWM as Window Manager. It has its own default “nanodesk-falvoured” JWM configuration. Easy to customize, like add own packages for a live cd.
  • Bash-Script pixelfloot

    A pixelflut client written in bash, which can some basic tricks, like random position drawing, shaking, following cursor. It can fork multiple workers to draw more aggressive and also supports gif animations.
  • Bash-Script xash3d-installscript

    xash3d-installscript is a bash script to build and install a full playable Xash3D Game client or server. It downloads the needed game files directly from valve with steamcmd. It comes handy that Valve delivers all game textures, sounds and so on with the Half-Life dedicated server `hlds`. Thank’s Valve!:nerd:
  • ESP8266 CanGrow

    CanGrow is a simple plant growing system (for cannabis). It is heavily work in progress at the moment (started 29.03.2024). Features will be automatic light control, automatic watering, data measurement. It will have a REST API and a simple WebUI.